Writing and Interviews

Mary Miss’s Writings

“City as Living Laboratory: Creating a New Narrative for Climate Change and the Public Realm,” Are
the Arts Essential? New York University Press, New York, 2022
“Creating a New Narrative about Climate Change: 1000 Steps.” The Brooklyn Rail, 2 June 2019
“Water Marks: An Atlas of Water for the City of Milwaukee.” The Nature of Cities, 8 Feb. 2018.
“The Art of Engagement / Activating Curiosity.” The Urban Planet: Knowledge towards Sustainable
Cities, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2018

“Decoding the River: Artists and Scientists Reveal the Water System of the White River.” Rivers of
the Anthropocene, University of California Press, Oakland, CA, 2018

“Remixing Messages a Call for Collaboration between Artists and Scientists.” The Brooklyn Rail, 4
Nov. 2015
“Remixing Messages: A Call for Collaboration Between Artists and Scientists.” Resilience in Ecology
and Urban Design: Linking Theory and Practice for Sustainable Cities, Springer, Dordrecht Etc., 2013

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Infrastructure & Urban Form.” 2009
“The History Gap,” 2008
“The Power of Imagination.” Som Journal 5, Maison Louis Carre, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France,
“Rules of Engagements,” Carey Conference Paper, 2007
“Moving Perimeter Proposed for WTC Site.” Sculpture 21 March 2002
“Collaboration: A New Direction.” Albright Magazine Spr. 1988
“Artists and Designers on Collaboration.” Arts Review, 1985
“On A Redefinition of Public Sculpture.” Perspecta 1984

Mary Miss’s Interviews

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“Interview on Landscape Architecture and Contemporary Art.” Landscape Architecture China Feb.
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Dec. 2006
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Zapatka, Christian. “Interview with Mary Miss.” Lotus 1996
Marpillero, Sandro. “An Interview with Mary Miss.” Progrex Sept. 1996
Morgan, Ann Barclay. “Interview with Mary Miss.” Art Papers July 1994
Gould, Claudia. “Mary Miss Covers the Waterfront,” Stroll Oct. 1987
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Tarlow, Lois. “Alternative Space: Mary Miss.” Art New England May 1986
Deborah Nevins, Thematic Studies in Architecture, 1985, Princeton Journal, “An Interview with
Mary Miss”

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