Framingham, Massachusetts

This temporary installation, still in place, is in an elementary school that had been converted to a museum with very little change to the physical surroundings – acoustical tile ceilings and linoleum floors were still in place. The objective of the installation was to make the entrance to the museum remarkable.

A cruciform entry hall with a coffered ceiling and passages on four sides was selected as the specific site for the installation.   A copper disk larger than the central rectangle of the ceiling is held in place by a wooden frame just below the ceiling itself.  Within this framed recessed central area are layers of painted wood lattice and mirror, while directly below it, on the floor is a copper disc platform with a mirror at the center.  Stepping up and looking into the mirror there is what seems to be an endless complex reflection which visually connects the floor and ceiling.  This modest entryway has been made into a place to stop and take note: passage has become a point of focus.