Greenwich, Connecticut

Sunken Pool, 1974

A path leads the visitor along the edge of a soccer field, through a pine grove to a simple footbridge over a stream.  The accumulation of environments continued through dense brambles until the path was interrupted by a twenty foot diameter wood and galvanized steel structure.  In line with the path were two low-facing T-shaped openings in the steel walls.  At first only the top of the near opening was visible. As the visitor approached the structure further, the presence of water in the bottom of the drum was revealed.  In contrast to the dense vegetation of the surroundings this space is perfectly still, the water shining off the smooth reflective surface of its metal walls.  Ephemeral elements usually associated with the natural environment are momentarily captured and made tangible within the structure. While recalling the familiar utilitarian imagery of an architectural or engineered environment, the structure is closely attuned to the engagement of human scale.

20′ by 13′